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Highlighted Services

In an effort to consistently offer the latest in service and technology S.A.I., Inc. would like to highlight the following services.

S.A.I., Inc. now offers Bi-Directional Amplifier RF surveys!

Are you prepared to provide your emergency responders with the proper communications coverage? NFPA 72-2013, Chapter 24 addresses the requirement for Two-Way, In-Building Emergency Communications Systems Coverage. An RF Survey, performed by a trained, qualified and FCC GROL certified S.A.I., Inc. technician can provide the neccessary information you need to determine your compliance. S.A.I., Inc. can then work with you to design, install and service your BDA system giving you the confidence that first responders in your facility will have the communications they need to perform their jobs effectively.

SAY goodbye to phone line charges!

With analog POTS line costing an average of $52.00 (base rate plus fees and taxes) per month, you could be spending over $1240.00 a year just to maintain a code compliant transmission path.

Upgrade to our new StarLink LTE dual diversity sole & dual path radios communicators for higher performance and reliability. Not only can our new cellular communicators be used as primary or secondary communication devices for your fire alarm system. These cost saving models and plans, suitable for most code requirements, can provide an ROI in as little as 16-18 months.

These communicators operate with virtually all fire alarm systems regardless of manufacturer. Existing dialers simply plug into the new radio which “intercepts” the signal and retransmits it to the central station for processing. This preferred method maintains Contact ID information intact versus simple dry contact closures which only transmit alarm, supervisory and trouble conditions.

Contact S.A.I., Inc. for more information on all of our U.L. and NFPA code compliant communicators which are installed by courteous and professional S.A.I., Inc. trained technicians.

Serving the Tampa Bay Area since 1956